ReSau KIMONO (100% of silk) It is interior design Miniature KIMONO.@
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The renewal version goods (100% of silk lined KIMONO) Charge of technology 1 goods \12,600/\13,650
(A carriege cost are another chage and A consumption tax is included)
The following photograph remaked Your's KIMONO. Interior dsign miniature KIMONO Renewal version.
They are an article not for sale and a reference notice.

Work process

A click of a photograph looking-gets details.

The Product version LIST

The above-mentioned goods is an article not for sale per reference exhibition.
The KIMONO of your stock revives like the above-mentioned photograph.

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Studio Kyoto and the Katsura Rikyu west side. Name is HORIUCHI SENSHOKU.
The agency receiving an order SUGIYAMA CO LTD 600-4, Kumagawa, Fussa-shi